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What Is the HER?

The Hydro Energy Resonator (HER) uses magnetic resonance wave technology to instantly restructure water into a more powerful, efficient, and absorbable liquid in drip and spray irrigation systems.

The HER reduces the surface tension of water, disperses carbonates, dissolves soluble salts, improves the effectiveness of agrochemicals and plant nutrition products, increases humidity in the soil around the roots, and oxygenates the water. The outcome is an optimized response from the plant resulting in higher crop production and quality.

The HER is available in different sizes and can be seamlessly integrated into the configuration of all existing irrigation systems, at low cost. 


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The Hydro Energy Resonator (HER) is a magnetic resonator that instantly improves the quality of water in irrigation systems by modifying its molecular structure, activating it with smaller homogeneous molecules, and recharging it with oxygen and energy.

The Molecular Restructuring of Water

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How Does It Work?

This short animation video shows how the HER is installed, how it works, and its main benefits.

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In the Irrigation System

  • Reduces fouling and clogging in technical irrigation systems.

  • Increases the useful life of the equipment.

  • Reduces energy consumption and maintenance of external energy.

  • Reduces the volume of water used.

In the Soil

  • Increases water penetration, humidity, and retention capacity.

  • Reduces salt accumulation in the rhizosphere area.

  • Improves the pH of the soil.

  • Increases microelement absorption.

  • Improves the solubility of fertilizers.

  • Reduces water consumption.

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In the Crop

  • Increases the speed and quantity of seed germination.

  • Increases uniformity across the growth stages of the crop.

  • Improves nutrition absorption.

  • Extends the useful life of fruit trees.

  • Improves the quality and quantity of the harvest in intensive and extensive crops.

  • Increases production.

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In Water

  • Breaks the surface tension of the water.

  • Improves its soluble capacity.

  • Increases the oxygenation of the water.

  • Regulates the pH.

  • dds salts into solution.

  • Enhances and improves the molecular structure of water.

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In Foliar Applications

  • Increases the effectiveness of agrochemicals and biological products.

  • Improves the absorption of nutritional products.

  • Provides uniform coverage with low surface tension.

  • Improves the assimilation of nutrients.

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WEAT Technology

Designed in Switzerland, the WEAT technology (Water Energy Activation Technology) takes water from local field sources (rivers, ponds, wells, or other) and creates magnetic resonance waves in the HER to optimize its inherent beneficial characteristics.

Breaks the Surface Tension of Water

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